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Will school be open or closed on Monday 11th December?

I'm sure many of you, having seen the weather are wondering whether school will be open tomorrow.


We will post on this website by 7.30am at the latest as soon as a decision has been made.


The final decision is made by the Headteacher, together with the Chair of Governors and the Caretaker. 


There are lots of things taken into account before deciding whether it is safe to open.


  • The first thing we always consider is safety. We have to decide if the school site is safe for both children and staff and that the building is warm enough with the heating working properly. The caretaker notifies the Head about this as soon as possible on the day in question. 
  • Secondly, we have to consider if staff can get to school. There can be a situation where the site in Cwmcarn is safe and the building is warm, but not enough staff can get to school to supervise the children. At Cwmcarn we have teachers who live in Bargoed, Cardiff, Aberdare, Cwmbran Newport etc We need to make sure staff can get to school safely in order to open. We would not expect staff to make any dangerous journeys. 
  • Thirdly we take advice from the local authority on the likelihood of more snow during the school day and what advice they have had regarding safety. 


 School closure is never a decision taken lightly, but we must put children and staff safety first.