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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school........

Our Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Robbins Acting Headteacher
Mr de Snyder Acting Deptuy Headteacher and Y3/4
Mrs Tomlins Inclusion Manager and Class 5

Our Teachers

Miss Clark Teacher Y5 and Y6
Mr Beech Teacher Y4 and Y5
Mr Regulski Teacher Y5 and Y6
Mrs Painter Teacher Y3 and Y4
Miss Pyle Teacher of Early Years
Mrs Fraser Teacher of Reception
Mrs Moyle Teacher of Y1
Mrs Helkvsit Teacher of Y2

Our Support Staff

Mrs Jenkins LSA Nursery
Mrs Hosier LSA Nursery
Mrs Hone LSA Nursery
Mrs Williams LSA Reception
Mrs Sheppard LSA Y1
Mrs Hillier LSA Y2
Mrs Pritchard LSA Juniors and Intervention
Miss Manning LSA SNRB
Mrs Edwards LSA SNRB
Mrs Brickell 1 to 1
Mrs Reader LSA Interventions

Other Staff

Mrs Reardon - Attendance, Well Being and Clerk
Miss Hackling School Clerk
Mrs Rees - School Cook