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Queries Regarding Covid Case in School

Here are some questions that I have been asked by parents this pm so I thought it might help if I share them here with the answers. The answers I have given are based on advice.

1. I have other children in the school who are not in Mrs Helkvist or Miss Pyle's class. Can they come to school?

Yes, only the children in the classes with confirmed cases need to stay at home.

2. I have other children in Newbridge Comprehensive. Can they go to school?

Yes, only the children in the classes with confirmed cases need to stay at home.

3. I have other children in school, how do I get them to school?

The children who are self isolating must stay at home. You cannot bring them to school to drop off your other children. It is not just that the classes are closed. Those children must self isolate for 14 days. You will need to make arrangements, where possible to bring/collect your other children from school.

4. My child is in Mrs Helkvist/Miss Pyle's class. What will happen about the flu immunisation and photographs?

Tomorrow we will ring the school nurses and find out what happens about the flu immunisation. We will book another date for your children to have their photos done. We will carry on this week with photos for everyone else.

5. What should my child do at home?

Your child's teacher will provide learning for them at home on class dojo, as we did during the longer lockdown.

6. Do my family need to self isolate?

No, only the child in the affected classes. Should your child become unwell then you book a test and seek medical advice.

7. How worried should I be?

Both children who tested positive are fine at the moment. They have no symptoms, the difficult thing is that older family members in the home are feeling unwell. Therefore, be vigilant and keep a close eye on your children. Take medical advice if your child or a family member becomes unwell.

Thank you,

Mrs Robbins