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Message Regarding Drop Off and Collection From Mrs Robbins

Morning all,

I hope you are having a lovely weekend. We were concerned about picks up and drops off, especially with our younger children. It just didn’t work well. Thanks to those of you who spoke with me about it on Friday.

With there now being two classes as the same time the lines were too long and spilling into the road. Therefore from Monday we will try a new system and see how it goes. Myself and my Deputy, Mrs Seamons, will be out on Monday to help and see how it works.

For all classes, except Mr Regulski and Miss Clark, the gates will be open 5 mins before start time and pick up time.

A parent or guardian will bring the child onto the yard and wait for the teacher to come onto the yard to collect the class. At the end of the day the teachers will also dismiss the children to the parent/guardian on the yard.

We hope this will be safer and work well.

On order for this to work please can I ask the following:

Only one adult to bring the children onto the yard.

Please wear a mask, unless you are exempt and do your best to use all the space available.

As soon as the teacher arrives in the morning to collect the children please leave the yard promptly. Similarly at the end of the day, please leave the yard as soon as you have your child/children.

No dogs are permitted on any school sites in Caerphilly unless guide dogs.

No smoking or vaping on site.

If you need to speak with the teacher please use dojo or make an appointment. During drop off/pick ups teachers need to focus on that and can’t do so if parents want lengthy conversations.

Please don’t worry if you have children to collect from separate yards at the same time. We will wait for you.

If you child is in Miss Clark/Mr Regulski’s class and they are not allowed to walk home could you please wait outside the gate until all the younger children have left the yard. One of the teachers will then call you into the yard to collect your child if you wish to do so.

Thanks all for your patience and cooperation with this.

Kindest regards,

Mrs Robbins