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Message From Mrs Robbins Re.Covid Cases in School

Good afternoon all,

I’m so sorry that I haven’t been able to update you regarding Covid.

As per my previous messages, we have had a positive case in Mrs Helkvist class, Mrs Seamons class and Mrs Reid/Mrs Moyle class.

What should have happened is that I should have been contacted by TTP who would then advise me on what to do and help me with identifying close contacts and moving forward.

Unfortunately I have not been contacted, despite chasing up with emails and by phone.

There has been a sharp rise in the number of cases in Caerphilly and it seems the system is struggling with this. This has been the case across lots of schools within our borough.

All we can continue to do is be very vigilant, especially within those classes, of signs and symptoms of Covid. Please get your children tested with a PCR test if they become unwell. Please keep your children at home if they are unwell.

It’s very frustrating for us, trying to work without clear advice and support but please be assured that we will continue to update you whenever we have new information to share and are always available to try to answer your questions.

Kindest regards,

Mrs Robbins