Cwmcarn Primary School

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Message From Mrs Robbins

Good afternoon all,

For the first month or so of the new term in Sep I will be looking after another school as well as Cwmcarn.

I wanted to make it clear how much I love being Headteacher at Cwmcarn and so I’m not going anywhere! I feel very lucky to be Head of such a lovely school with amazing staff, learners and parents/carers.

It’s just that another local school has a new Head starting who is not able to start until sometime in October.

Therefore I will be supporting the other school until their new Head arrives. I will be at Cwmcarn for half of the week and the other school for half of the week.

I have a very strong leadership team here at Cwmcarn and on the days I’m at the other school, Mrs Seamons will be in charge. However I will only be 10 minutes away should I be needed.

I hope you will all join us as seeing this as a huge compliment to our school and the opportunity to support another school for a short time.

Kindest regards,

Mrs Robbins