Cwmcarn Primary School

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Message From Mrs Robbins

Morning all,

Thank you very much for all your support this week with staggered starts, social distancing and supporting our risk assessment. At the moment we are pleased with how everything is running and it is helping to keep our staff and children safe.

Can I remind you that all children must be brought to school and collected. I know this is difficult particularly with our older children who are used to more independence. However what we have noticed is that in the first week, where some did walk home on their own they were then doing so with children from another class bubble. This means that all the work we are doing in the day time to keep the bubbles separate is a waste of time. I don’t think any of our children are doing it intentionally. It’s just difficult for them to get used to new ways of behaving.

Secondly I attended a Heads meeting of all Caerphilly Primary Headteachers yesterday. In schools where they have had pupils test positive it has often been that these pupils displayed no symptoms or something very minor such as a runny nose or just feeling a bit tired.

This is why I must continue to ask that if your child is unwell they are kept at home. Please phone the office and keep us up to date.

Thanks for all your support in this difficult time. It is much appreciated.

Any questions please send me a message via Class Dojo or via the school email address.

Thank you,

Mrs Robbins