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Breakfast Club & After School Clubs Message From Mrs Robbins

Afternoon all,

Following my meeting with the local authority and PrimaryHeadteachers this afternoon schools have beenasked to considerstopping breakfast clubs. We have been asked to consider thesituation in our own schoolsbased on staffing, the size of therooms we use and our number of positive cases.

This is because children from all the different groups meettogether during breakfast club which increases thelikelihood ofpassing on the virus.

I have decided to keep breakfast club open for now, as I know it isso important for so many of you.

However I would ask you to consider only sending your childrento breakfast club if you really need to. I havemade this decisionbecause at the moment our cases are low. I would review this ifour cases rise.

For example, if you are working early and rely on breakfast club orif you are entitled to free school meals youmay still need to usebreakfast club. We do however have children who could possiblystay at home forbreakfast just for this half term.

I hope you will support me in this so that we can continue to keepbreakfast club open. We have been toldthat the cases shouldlessen by February and so I hope we could return to full breakfastclub after half term.

If you are on the list for breakfast club you may have a phone-callfrom the office tomorrow to help us to workout how manychildren to expect.

There will be no after school clubs until after half term.

Many thanks for your patience and support,

Mrs Robbins