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Are you able to access learning activities?

Message from Mrs Robbins;


I have been asked, by the Local Authority, to try to estimate how many children in our school are currently not taking part in the learning activities because either they don't have a device such as a computer, pad or laptop or because they don't have internet at home.

I would guess that most of you accessing Dojo have some internet whether that be wifi or 3/4g through your phones.

Could you please email the school via this page or through Dojo if you have access, if you have no way of completing the work at home because either;

a) you have no laptop / computer / Chromebook or Ipad at home

b) you have no access to the internet

I think Caerphilly are starting to look at what can be done to help with this.

My staff will also make a list of any parents who have not accessed Dojo at all and we will add those to the numbers we send off.

Thanks for your help with this.

Mrs Robbins