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For Tasty Tuesday on 10th May we had the products from chickens. We tried some chicken slices and Mrs. Lindsey cooked us some scrambled eggs.

PM - Milking cows!

For Tasty Tuesday (19th April) we tried all products that come from a cow. We tried butter(on bread), cheese, yoghurt, cream, roast beef and corned beef. 
Our Cornerstones Topic this half term is 'Do cows drink milk?'. This topic discusses animals that live on the farm, farm machinery, healthy eating and other aspects. The children are engaging in this topic and have enjoyed a farm in our yard (Wednesday 13th April). It was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Photos below smiley

Easter Bonnet Competition

Thank you for completing the homework of producing an Easter bonnet/hat with your children. Nearly everyone took part which was great. All entrants received a certificate and a small bag of sweets. The judging was very difficult but the winners were chosen where it was clear to see that the children had been involved in the production.

... and the results

Easter Cooking - choc chip cookies & choc nests

Cinderella Ball - AM nursery

Cinderella Ball - PM nursery

St David's Day 2016

World Book Day 3.3.16

Planting magic beans - we hope we get a beanstalk!!!

Which house is stronger? Three little pigs investigation

Making soup - The enormous turnip

RSPCB Bird watching walk 3.2.16

Dragon dancing - Chinese New Celebrations