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Mrs Fraser - Reception

Croeso!  We are looking forward to an exciting year with Class 1.  The children are ready to grow, and my team -myself, Mrs. Williams and Miss Evans are here to help them do just that.

We hope that you will help your child on their journey through this year by helping them with all tasks that they bring home.  I hope you find the following information useful:

Learning logs- will be sent home every Friday.  Please help your child with their homework tasks and return learning logs to school by the following Tuesday.

Reading Activities- children will bring home a Read Write Inc sheet as they learn each speed sound.  Please help them say each letter's sound, and write over the letters.  You can build the letter sheets into a bank for your child to practice at home. 

-library books will be sent home every Friday.  Please share them with your child every night and return them to school the following Friday.

-please make every effort to share your child's Oxford Reading Tree books and words, returning their book to school on their one to one reading day (which is written on the front of their reading folder). 

Diolch yn fawr.

We have worked so hard this half term.  We have made new friends and enjoyed learning how to use all of our classroom areas to develop our skills and knowledge.  We have learnt how special we are and why so many people love us (including our teachers and friends in school).  Little Turtle visits us every week to remind us how important it is to love and care for each other, and to always be safe, ready and respectful.

Here are some photos of some of the activities we have enjoyed.

We are flying in Read Write Inc.  We are learning how to 'Fred talk' and blend words back together, and how to spell using 'Fred fingers'.  We are going to be amazing readers and writers! 
We walked around Cwmcarn, learning all about the town our school is in. We thought of lots of questions, and found all of the answers out. 

We are very excited about our new topic!  We have already started sharing ideas about why squirrels hide their nuts and other autumnal things we want to find out about. 


Remember to dress up warmly in your school uniform (with extra layers), and wear wellies or boots for our trip tomorrow. It is going to be such a fun day, looking for signs of autumn, and hopefully spotting some autumn animals. 

What a wonderful trip we had to Parc Cwm  Derren. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful country. We had such fun using all of our senses to explore and find signs of autumn. 

Here are some of the activities we enjoyed. We have developed our skills in all areas of the Curriculum, and we have learnt so much!

Happy new year and thank you for our lovely Christmas gifts and cards.  Our new Cornerstones topic for this term is...
We have already started exploring all of the activities in our classroom.
Our challenge is to find perfume for Queen Stink using our sense of smell.
We are working hard to develop our maths skills.
We are enjoying working with our class mates, our groups and sometimes on our own to tackle challenges and set goals.
Our Class One friendship web because we all belong and we are all important.

We  still have so much to learn about dragons and castles that we are carrying on with this exciting topic for the next half term.  We will be learning about castles in Wales and what it might have been like to live and work in a castle long ago.


Please keep supporting your child with their homework tasks and reading books, making sure that all books (including library books) are returned to school on the correct day (as above).

Diolch yn fawr.

St. David's Day Celebrations
We recited a poem together in front of all of the teachers and children in the Foundation Phase, and we sang our favourite song in Welsh 'Lliwiau'r Enfys'.  We all coloured a picture of a daffodil for our Eisteddfod.  Mrs. Fraser, Mrs Williams and Miss Evans had such a difficult job choosing the winners, but here we are with our very proud faces.

We love the story of The Selfish Giant and we thought about how he felt at different times during the story, and when we might feel these different emotions.  We shared our thoughts with Little Turtle.



We made a model of his HUGE castle, and clocks to show when the children came out of school.
Here we are playing in the giant's garden on our display.  What do you think of our pointillism paintings and amazing writing and maths work?
We are still being curious, still asking questions, still finding out, still learning lots, still having fun, still loving our topic!

did dragons exist

We were so proud when we won this certificate!  We had the most stars in the whole Foundation Phase for being the best class at lining up- we are awesome!

We have developed so many skills through this topic, and we know so much about dragons and castles.  What will our topic be next term?


Well, next term our exciting new topic will be...

why do ladybirds have spots

We have so many exciting things planned! 

If any parents or grandparents keep minibeasts e.g. African snails, stick insects, spiders etc that they would like to show to the children, I would be most grateful.

Also, if any of the children have small, model insects that they would be happy to leave in class for this term to use in our enhanced areas, that would be lovely too.  Diolch

What an exciting day we had today on our minibeast hunt.  We have thought of so many things we want to find out. 
We were very careful as we searched for minibeasts.  We made sure that we did not hurt them and we put them back into their natural habitats before we finished our walk.
We were very proud to do a special job for Mr. Saunders.  We planted some poppy seeds in the daisy park.  We cannot wait to see all of the poppies that grow from the seeds.
We had a fantastic day when we went to Bristol Zoo.  We were so well behaved and a real credit to our school.
 We have LOVED learning all about mini beasts.  We have discovered that they are incredible creatures and our planet needs them all!
What do you think of our mini beast fossils?
W have found out all about the stick insects that live in our classroom.  Some of us were brave enough to hold them- but not all of us!
We found lots of different mini beasts when we were releasing our garden snails back into their natural habitat. Goodbye friends!