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Mr Regulski - Y1/2

Welcome back Class 3!

As we enter in to the summer term, we'd like to welcome you back and remind you of a few things. PE is still on a Monday and Wednesday so please provide your child with a kit to leave in school. Your child's reading book will be changed weekly, the day that it's required to be brought to school differs depending on your child's grouping, but the day  can be checked in the front of their reading log book. 

Our topic this term is 'Land ahoy' which covers everything from the RNLI, voyages of discovery and pirates to marine life, the life of Grace Darling, modern day sea rescues and lighthouses past and present. Below are some useful links to help your child continue learning about our topic at home, and will help to keep you informed of the areas of study this half term. 

We look forward to a fantastic, fun-filled and fruitful half term, so let's set sail...


List of 10 Most Famous Pirates in World History - History Lists

Teacher information and illustrations of ten famous pirates.


Famous Pirates - History for Kids

Humorous poems about famous pirates including Nicholas Brown, Black Bart, Captain Morgan and Anne Boney.


Famous Pirates - The Pirate Ship

A colourful site with information about famous pirates, facts and puzzles.


Grace Darling

Grace Darling story - RNLI

A short series of click-through animations and captions retelling the heroic actions of Grace Darling and her father.


Paintings of Grace Darling and her rescue – Grace Darling

Gallery of paintings depicting Grace Darling, her rescue and other significant people in her life.



Shorething - RNLI

Shorething is a section of the RNLI site created for young people. It includes IWB resources, interactive games and fact sheets. You can also find a short video that focuses on Redcar lifeboat station and a short film to discuss with children.


Outreach - RNLI

Provides information about arranging a visit to a lifeboat station or inviting the RNLI to your school.


Education resources - RNLI

A range of free educational resources about the lifesaving work RNLI, the importance of water safety, an historical archive collection and Lifeboat Lab.


Our history - RNLI

A wide range of information about the RNLI, including a timeline, archive collections and FAQs.

Cap'n Regulski & First Mate Colyer


Avast ye landlubbers! And hoist the mainsail! After East'r class 3 will be a changin' topics and leavin' th' topic o' dinosaurs t' sail on th' oceans o' th' world. We'll be learnin' bout famous pirates, explorers and voyages o' discovery. We'll be findin' out bout life at sea, makin' Corsair flags, makin' and followin' booty maps t' find gold. If ye want t' make a start o'er th' East'r holidays, why not try learnin' a sea shanty or find out about a famous Corsair like Long John Silver, Black Beard o' Francis Drake. Yo-ho-ho! Enjoy yer holidays, stay safe and Cap'n Regulski and First Mate Colyer look fore t' welcomin' ye back in 2 weeks time, by Davy Jones' locker! Appy East'r Class 3!


Or for those that don't speak pirate...


Avast ye landlubbers! After Easter class 3 will be changing topics and leaving the topic of dinosaurs to sail on the oceans of the world. We'll be learning about famous pirates, explorers and voyages of discovery. We'll be finding out about life at sea, making pirate flags, making and following treasure maps to find gold. If you want to make a start over the Easter  holidays, why not try learning a sea shanty or find out about a famous pirate like Long John Silver, black beard of Francis Drake. Enjoy your holidays, stay safe and  Mr Regulski and Miss Colyer look forward to welcoming you back in 2 weeks time! Happy Easter Class 3!

Avast ye landlubbers...

Yo ho ho and a bottle of milk...

Knock knock...

We have been rolling around with laughter this week after matching dinosaur jokes with the correct punchline. We've tried our best learn some and practise delivering them in our best, most entertaining voices... hold on to your sides, they might just split...

Knock Knock...

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Ha Ha Ha

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Tee Hee

Still image for this video

ha ha ha

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In maths this week we have been comparing and ordering numbers. We have loved drawing double digit numbers out of our mystery bag, taking it in turns. Then we have practised going around clockwise or anti clockwise to put our numbers in sequence from smallest to biggest. We have thought hard about place value, remembering to check our tens column first, then the units column. Some of our groups have also challenged ourselves to halve those amounts using partitioning and recombining. We have also had fun doing maths challenges on the computers and in our maths challenge area. We are becoming experts at using our greater than, less than, and equals maths symbols. (> < =). If your child has loved this week's maths games, just follow the link below to play along and become 'mathletes' at home!

Maths Tasks

We have also been writing instructions to make our Easter themed, dinosaur nests, complete with dinosaur eggs. We have been using imperative verbs or what we like to call 'bossy verbs' like melt, put, mix, add, shake, break, snap and stir. Whilst the children have really enjoyed making the dinosaur nests, we suspect they have enjoyed eating the dinosaur nests even more. Yum yum!

If you'd like to follow the same instructions as we did to make cornflake cakes (or dinosaur nests) together at home over the Easter holiday, then just click the link below our class pictures.

Chocolate Dinosaur Nests

This week we have been working hard to learn the different continents and become more familiar with the countries that are in those continents. We have been trying to find out where the different fossils and dinosaurs came from. We have loved singing along to the continent song, if you'd like to sing along too, then just click the link below.


Over the last few week in maths,  we have been working hard on measuring. We are practising measuring how many different containers it takes to fill a litre jug to the top, and recording our results on a graph. We been finding out how long dinosaurs are and measuring out their length on our school yard with chalk. In our afternoon topic work we have been exploring the local park looking for dinosaur food, learning how to identify ferns, conifers and evergreen bushes. We have taken samples and recorded them. We have also been looking at dinosaur skeletons and using our creative skills to make their skeletons out of pasta shapes. We have also had lots of fun uncovering real fossils in our investigation station, recording them and using the computers to make bar charts. If you're looking to take a day trip, why not consider hunting real fossils at the coast of Penarth, it has a Jurrasic coastline. For more details click the link below. 

Spring Term continued...

After finding out about futuristic space travel, class 3 has journeyed back 250 million years to the Mesazoic era. Join class 3 as we travel back in time to find out about the world in which the dinosaurs lived. Ask us about out favourite dinosaurs, quiz us about which dinosaurs were carnivores and which were herbivores. Check that we know which dinosaurs were predators and which were prey. If you are fortunate enough to visit the beach and coast around Penarth for a fossil hunt, ask us and we might just be able to find you an ammonite, a trilobite, a crinoid, a brachiopod or a gastropod. 


For some fantastic little video clips on dinosaurs please click our links below and help us learn all about these fascinating giants that roamed our earth.


Planet Dinosaur – BBC One

A selection of short clips from the original BBC’s Dinosaur Planet series, providing lots of interesting facts and information.

Deadly Dinosaurs – BBC Nature

A video collection about dinosaurs including an A–Z list of dinosaurs and animals.

Planet Dinosaur – BBC TWO

A selection of clips, with no narration, designed to inspire discussion and writing.

Foundation Phase Eisteddfod


We celebrated St David's day with a special Eisteddfod assembly. Each class performed poetry, read stories or sang songs in welsh. We also presented our certificates for the winners and runners up in our Eisteddfod class competitions. The standard of entries for class 3 was absolutely outstanding and it was perhaps the toughest competition we have ever had to judge We would love to extend a huge thank you to all of the parents and family who helped our children make such a wonderful selection of dragons. Our class were dressed in an array of wonderful costumes that were all unmistakably welsh. The whole day was a fantastic celebration of our language, culture and what makes us Welsh.

Diolch yn fawr iawn!

Class 3 Eisteddfod Entry

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Mae'n bwrw glaw heddiw...

St. David's Day celebrations

Spring Term

We began the spring term with an alien invasion. Residents of Cwmcarn reported strange eerie sounds, loud bangs and unusual lights around the village. The fearless and feisty children of class 3 went to investigate and discovered some amazing things. Odd hand prints around the school, pieces of alien craft strewn around the school, alien slime dripping from the building and a trail that led us to believe that we have a friendly but shy visitor from another planet...

Lunch Time Tooth Brushing

Every lunch time, class 3 brush their teeth to the tooth brush song. We use the tune of the wheels on the bus and change the words to fit. To make sure that our class remember to brush for 2 minutes, we sing:

The bristles on the brush go round and round round and round round and round, the bristles on the brush go round and round, all day long.

The bristles on the brush go back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, the bristles on the brush go back and forth, all day long.

We repeat these verses making sure we go back and forth and round and round at the right time. 

Why not sing along at home?

Our lunch time tooth brush song

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In our maths lessons over the last 2 weeks, the class have had lots of fun learning about tessellation , finding shapes with right angles, identifying shapes and learning how many sides each shape has. We have also been practicing adding and taking away a single digit numbers from double digit numbers. Some of us have also mastered adding and taking away double digit numbers with other double digit number.


Just a reminder that PE is on a Monday and Wednesday. Could you make sure your child has shorts and a 'T' shirt as they cannot join in safely without the correct kit. Any problems please come in and speak to myself or Miss Colyer.



Reading books are given out on different days depending on your child's group. If you are unsure which day your child's book is due, the details can be found on the inside of their reading record book.


Our cornerstones topic this term is 'wriggle and crawl'. We have been looking at mini beasts and investigating their habitats, life cycles, and where they fit in the food chain.

This week we were fortunate to be joined by Simon Airey from Corner Exotics who brought a spectacular array of mini beasts for the children to see, handle and learn about. The children thoroughly enjoyed holding tarantulas, snakes, lizards, hedgehogs, and tree frogs to name but a few.

Hello and welcome to class 3. We have had a fantastic and action packed start to the academic year. Our exciting new work areas have been created and the children are enjoying exploring, investigating and creating in them each day.


I am excited to work with you all to help your child progress as much as possible and for them to achieve their full potential. Guidance on how you can support your child in their reading and writing can be found on our main school webpage in the parent section but can also be found by clicking the following link:


If you have any questions, concerns or wish to speak about your child's progress or wellbeing, please feel free to have a chat any day after school, or contact the school to arrange a meeting.

Class 3 - Year 1/2

Class 3 - pulling their funny faces