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Mr de Snyder - Y3/4

Our Fantastic New Topic!

After writing their narrative the children up graded a paragraph of their choice and in doing so learnt a new skill

Narrative Writing: The Myth of The Red Dragon and The White Dragon

Whose Got the Biggest Feet? The children conducted an investigation into whether Year 4 children have bigger feet than year 3 children...

Here's an example of when the children applied their ICT skills to direct a sprite along the digestive system!

NEW TOPIC- Burps, Bottoms and Bile

After half term classes 6 and 7 will be exploring and investigating the digestive system.


Some areas you may want to discuss or investigate at home could be:


Healthy Bodies


We will be writing:


Fact files on teeth

Persuasive leaflet (reasons to brush your teeth)


Maths- Measures (weight, kg and g)

Fantastic Work1

The Blue Abyss!




Our topic for this term is the Blue Abyss! We investigated creatures and plants from under the sea, ready for our school trip to Bristol Aquarium next week. Here are some of the creatures we learned about: 


We also learned about where these plants and creatures come from, so in Maths, we studied The Great Barrier Reef. We worked out the coordinates on a map so that one day, we would be able to go and find them. This is the map that we used: 

SEAL - Anti Bullying Day


This term, we learnt how important it is to look after ourselves and each other, and imagined how it would feel if we didn't care for each other. During assembly, we talked and sung about our friends and family, followed by circle time in class to discuss what was important to us and what we enjoyed doing. We are going to work together and help each other to keep our school a happy place. Here is some of the work we did on Anti Bullying Day: