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Bristol Zoo Trip


Just a quick note to remind you trip money needs to be in by Friday 23rd June so we can sort out buses and let Bristol Zoo know numbers.

Thank you 

Thank you for the amazing spiders, the children have loved finding out about waterproof materials and testing them in the water!! They have also been busy making spiders out of clay and touching counting the correct amount of legs and eyes to put on their creation, it was very tricky - look at the concentration on their faces!

Welcome back after the half term break! 


We will be continuing with our topic 'why do ladybirds have spots?' for this 1/2 term. So far the children have enjoyed learning about caterpillars/butterflies and spiders. If you ask the children I am sure they will tell you some amazing spider facts they have learnt.  We are looking forward to seeing your wonderful spider creations and testing their waterproof shoes this week in Nursery - we will upload photo's throughout the week. 




-You should have received a trip letter for our Nursery trip to 'Bristol Zoo' the price is for 1 adult, 1 child for bus fare and entrance into the zoo. ( if you haven't received one please ask)

- Just a reminder to our April starter parents -  please can you return your permission slips for the children's photo's to be put on the website - we are unable to upload photo's of the children without the slips giving us permission, (please return stating yes or no) 

- Hopefully we will have some lovely weather this 1/2 term - please make sure your child has sun cream on before coming to Nursery as we are unable to apply it and they need wear a sun hat as we will be spending  time outside enjoying the beautiful weather.


Miss Pyle 


Welcome back to Nursery!!!

We have had lots of fun already after returning from the Easter break, the children love the outdoor area and are very excited to be using it. (Please remember to send a coat in with the children as it can be very windy and cold out on the yard) and we completed a bug hunt.  

I wanted to share some photos taken over the Easter break to show how hard Miss Pyle and Mrs Jenkins have been working to give you a wonderful outdoor environment, full of colour and fun!

Check out the photos below to see their hard work, so much so that they needed pizza half way through to increase their energy levels!

Hard working teachers!

Hope you have all had a wonderful Easter Break and the Easter Bunny came to visit you all!! When we return to school on Tuesday 25th April our new topic will be 'Why do ladybirds have spots?'

During this topic we will be looking at a variety of mini beasts, life cycles and will be exploring what mini beasts we can find in Cwmcarn. 

We are looking forward to getting to know our new starters in the afternoon sessions and using our outdoor area hopefully in the sun. 


Just a quick reminder : Fruit is £1 per week.

                                       :Tasty Tuesdays - children are able to try a variety of different foods ( please remember to inform Nursery staff of any allergies and record them in your pack alongside your contact details) 

                                       :Messy Friday's -  children to wear old clothes or clothes you don't mind getting messy (uniform or non - uniform) 

                                     : All children to bring a bag to Nursery with a change of clothes (bag and clothes to be labelled) 

                                     : When the weather becomes a bit warmer please can you apply sun cream before coming to Nursery and all children to bring a sun hat with them. 


                                              We cant wait to start the Summer term!!! 

New topic for the Summer Term


We have had lots of fun making Easter nests and going on an Easter egg hunt that the Easter Bunny left for us, but before we could go and look for eggs we all had to answer a Maths question!!!!


We have had lots of fun in Nursery this week, we have been busy making different things in the construction area including a chameleon house, a castle and a bridge with a rainbow. The children love to show the work off to the adults in Nursery and their friends. 

We have also been creating our own dragon stories and we have been learning one more/one less than using chocolate. 

This week in Nursery we have been busy bees and we are all becoming so clever, we are able to complete activities independently and explain what we have been doing. This week we have had an ice castle in the water tray, children were able to identify whether the ice was hot or cold, say what they thought ice was made out of and we made predictions of what would happen to the ice castle. We had great fun watching it melt and playing with the ice. 

We have also been busy making sandcastles against the sand timer, using the tap - a -shape to make various different pictures and we have also been investigating sounds in the music area.

Fun in Nursery

All the children looked amazing in their costumes for St Davids Day and they all worked extremely hard on their entries for the Eisteddfod! WELL DONE NURSERY!!

St Davids Day- Afternoon Nursery

St Davids Day - Morning Nursery

A big thank you for all the amazing castles we have had in, they are all amazing, we are slowly making our way through the children showing their castle to the class and telling their friends how they made them, who lives in the castle (it is taking a while as we have had so many castles back!)

What a busy half term we have had in Nursery since starting back in January. The children have been busy learning about Dragons and all had great fun with their naughty Dragons that escaped out off  the Nursery. 

A big welcome to the new starters in the afternoon sessions,all children have settled well and enjoy coming to Nursery. 

Our new topic in January is "Did dragons exist?"

During this topic children will be learning about castles, dragons, coins and treasure. 

We are looking forward to starting the new topic. 

Merry Christmas 

We have had a lovely term in Nursery,  we have had lots of fun and learnt lots of new things. 

We have had visits off a "naughty elf on the shelf" and Father Christmas came to our Christmas party. 


Below are some of the photo's from the visits from "Elf on the shelf"

The children loved coming into nursery to find out what the elf had been up to when Nursery was closed over night!!!


Elf on the shelf

Yesterday we went to visit Father Christmas in the Rhondda Heritage Park. It was extremely beautiful in the mine and it was lovely to see everyone is on the good list!! All children behaved brilliantly on the trip. 
Thank you to all the parents, aunties, grand-parents etc who attended Nursery open morning, the children loved having you in their class and you all worked hard completing Christmas crafts (they all look amazing).

We have had a very busy week in Nursery and it is starting to feel like Christmas!! 


First I would like to say a big WELL DONE to the children in Nursery who got 100% attendance for the first half term, it is amazing that you have made it to Nursery every day. 

100% attendance during the first half term

This half term our topic is " why do squirrels hide their nuts?"


During this topic children will have the opportunity to look at seasonal change in the natural world, Hibernation, autumn food and woodland animals. 



Last Friday Nursery had a lovely trip to Park Cwm Darren where the children fed the ducks wearing our new waterproof sets purchased by the PTA, went for an autumn walk where they collected sticks for the stickman, made an autumn crown and had great fun jumping in the mud!! 

All children behaved brilliantly on the trip and great fun was had by all. 

We have had a very busy start in nursery, we have had lots of fun and have learnt lots of new things all ready. All the staff in Nursery have enjoyed getting to know the children and we are looking forward to watching them develop and grow over the next year. 


Our topic for this term is 'Why do you love me so much?'. The children have enjoyed the topic so far especially discussing and drawing who lives in their house and a visit from baby Grace. The children were mesmerised by baby Grace during the visit, the children were able to compare themselves and what they could do against what Grace could do. 


We have been busy bees in nursery and have completed lots of interesting activities including completing colour patterns with the unifix blocks, making 'fluffy monsters' in the creative area, making big and small love hearts in the play dough and building amazing structures in the construction area. The children have enjoyed getting messy during 'Messy Friday' sessions, playing in the mud kitchen and painting the walls and fences around Nursery with coloured water.  The children have had the opportunity to taste a variety of treats during our 'Tasty Tuesday' sessions including crumpets and chocolate biscuits.