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Pupil Experience of Clubs and Trips

Hello my name is James. I am a member of ICT club.  Every Thursday Mr De Snyder's class and Miss Pyle's class do samba. I am in Mr De Snyder's class.
Hello I am Gruffudd  and I am a member of the ICT  club. Last time in ICT we did work on the Euro 2016.  First time we came we did work on Florence nightingale it was spectacular.



My name is Zack and on Thursday, 11th February 2016 all of the Y6's went to Crucial Crew. At Crucial Crew we learnt about safety, e.g. Rail Safety, Electric Safety, etc. 

Hi my name is Grace, I’m 9 years old. I’m in Year 5 in Mrs Touhig class. I go to gymnastics with my best friends called Maddie, Grace J, Libby and Honey. My topic is Pharaohs and its really fun. I go to lots of clubs like ICT Club, Netball, French and Newspaper Club.


Hi my name is Libby and I’m in class 8. I’m in ICT club. This term I’m learning about Egypt and Pharaohs. On Tuesday 12th of  January I went to Swansea University Egyptian centre. My favourite activity was mummyfician. We had to clean bob with salt, we had to cut bob open, we had to get bob’s organ’s and we had to wrap him up in bandages. It was really funno


I go to gymnastics with my best friend Grace W and Maddie and Grace J. My partners are Lauren and Erin . I love gymnastics. heart



This week I liked doing a project about 8 largest pyramids in the world. We had to draw one of the 8 largest pyramids in the world, I chose the largest one built by Khufu,

It was really



On Sunday the 31st of me and my friends went to a gymnastic competition. All I had to do was a gymnastic floor with my partners with hard moves like pike leaver, tuck back and many more. I came 6th place out of 31 other trios. At the time I was 2nd but then they knock me down to 3rd then 6th. It was a nice weekend. 

On Wednesday the 10th I went on a eco trip to the wetlands for bird watching. They were called R.S.P.B. We seen a lot of birds on the trip. We did a lot of walking that day. On the bus I sat by Maddison. I hadn’t been there before until yesurday. The lady [Tara] told us a lot of information about birds. It was a lot of fun!




Hi my name is Isabelle and I am in class 10 and I am also in I.C.T and this week me and my class have been doing the topic Ancient Egypt and we have been finding out how long our Pharaohs on our list ruled for. We also painted some pharaohs from our homework, which was awesome, our homework was to draw us as a pharaoh.



My name is Zack and my topic this term is Egyptians and Pharaohs. On Tuesday, 13th January 2016 my class (Class 9) and Class 8’s Year 4’s went to the Swansea University Egyptian centre. We learnt about Mummification and that when the Pharoahs died, they needed whatever they had when they were alive for when they came back in the after-life (But only the Ancient Egyptains believed that). I also learnt that there were NO Bananas in Ancient Egypt.


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