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Mrs Helkvist

Here we are back to a new term already. The children have settled back beautifully and are so enthralled with the new topic...the trip to the castle has really inspired them. They had a fanatastic time and learnt so much. I was so delighted with their behaviour and their excellent manners; so many members of the public and the staff in the castle commented on them. You can feel very proud of them as they obviously stand out in a crowd!

We are moving on to look at other places in Cardiff over the next few weeks and to look at some special characters (like Roald Dahl) who lived there.

If you have anything of interest linked to Cardiff please let us know, as the wider we make the topic the more the children gain.


Hello and welcome to Class 3. This year we are excited to start with a project called

Splendid Skies. I have started by asking the children to reach for the stars and to tell me about what they would like to do when they grow up...I have had some amazing answers! Some of you have already inspired your little ones and they are determined to succeed so this should be a brilliant year for achievement.

 We have had some changes in the class with a new class number, a different mix of age groups and a new teaching assistant, Mrs Hillier, who is back from maternity leave. However, some things have remained the same. PE is still on a Tuesday and Thursday and I would ask you to please ensure your child has a clearly marked kit in school. We still sell fruit at 20p a day and encourage the children to drink water by having water stops at intervals, so please send in fresh water daily.

 We will send reading books home regularly and ask for your support by returning them daily. Homework is being sent home on a Monday to be returned to school on a Friday. Please enjoy the tasks and make them as complicated or easy as suits you.  This is meant to be a special time for you and your child to enjoy learning together and it shouldn't be stressful. If you are ever concerned about a task just ask.

I will be updating with photographs of our first weeks very shortly. Then  you will see how busy we have been as weather reporters (for the BBC and BBC Cymru) as well as newscasters and  scientists! We have also had a number of adventures in extreme weather during PE so there has been a lot of action! 

If you have any problems please pop in before 8.50 in the morning or after school.  I am looking forward to working with you all.

 A few parents have been asking about class Dojo. Last year Mr Regulski introduced this to his class and has now opened it to allow parents access so they might share in their children's achievements. Myself, Miss Pyle  and Mrs Fraser are following his pattern and having a trial period where we introduce the scheme to the pupils and set up the targets they are to work towards. It is a lovely reward scheme and so far the pupils are adapting to it eagerly. It  basically involves the children following our school rules and we reward them with  a sticker on computer, or when they are not they may lose a dojo. By half term you will receive information explaining how you can gain access to your child's weekly chart and receive regular updates.
 I have put a few photographs on to show you how busy we have been. We have been looking closely at the world around us and we have looked at patterns and shapes in more places than I can name. We are out daily collecting data on the weather and writing weather reports for CPS News (Cwmcarn Primary School News). We are all enjoying working together and are the most enthusiastic (and energetic) scientists the world has ever seen! We will keep you posted with any exciting forecasts, until then enjoy the slide show.

We have had a wonderful harvest celebration today.  The children  performed their harvest song in front of the whole school- they were fantastic, as was Mr Regulski on the guitar! They have had a fabulous day. Thank-you for all your generous donations they will be put to good use.

What a week we have had this week! We have all been busy with our mini-enterprise making sweets and I hope you have a sweet tooth! The children have spent this afternoon making labels and packaging sweets or designing posters to advertise their products, so please make an effort to come. We open the doors at 3pm tomorrow and it may be a case of first come first served if we run out of stock. The children have worked out the costings so you will get a scrumptious treat for just £1.50.

Please don't forget tomorrow is "Children in Need" day so we are holding a non-uniform day for a charge of £1 to Pudsey. Some of us may need the weekend to get over all this excitement!


  We have also been really busy looking closely at numbers and recognising the tens and units in them. Some of us have even investigated hundreds tens and units. We are starting to use this to work out money problems and we all like to be the shopkeeper- which is a little tricky as you can imagine.
  Then we had a tasty Tuesday as we explored the world around us.
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Thanks to everyone for making our enterprise day such a success. We hope you enjoyed the  sweets as much as we enjoyed making them. 

 Pudsey says a great BIG thank-you too for all your really are a cut above the rest!